Sound Issue all of sudden


Anyone have issues with the quality of sound? If so how did you resolve it?


Not at all, works fine on Win7


No issues & I’m on Windows 7.
I do have very lower volume on my Iphone 6


No problems on iPhone 6S nor iPad Air. Changed frequency lower and all FB. What are you experiencing?


W8DRG, is your issue similar to this one: First element sometimes cut off ?


No! It’s totally muffled! It was fine then it came up muffled! It’s not my headphones because I listen to other sites and it’s fine!


Hmm, that’s strange. What frequency do you have configured in settings?


I tried at different settings and It didn’t change. But good news now it is back to normal. Maybe it had to do with my Satellite internet connection?
Thanks! W8RDG Ron


Glad it’s working now!

Sound should not be affected by the internet connection – once the app loads it doesn’t need a connection to function.