Morse Camp roadmap


This is the roadmap of features and changes planned to It is intended to be a living document and will be updated based on user feedback and requests.

  • Click-free Morse player
  • Play randomly chosen word from most used list
  • Offline support
  • Save state locally
  • Adaptive text length
  • Adaptive repeats of difficult words
  • Blog setup
  • Forum setup
  • Public launch of useful version
  • Safari support
  • Inform the user when running an unsupported browser
  • Support for multi-word text generation
  • Play numbers in common formats
  • Configure min/max number of words instead of characters
  • Farnsworth spacing support
  • Configurable limit for how many times to repeat the text
  • Configurable repeat delay
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Smarter way of combining words into phrases
  • Allow user to input a word or phrase to be looped
  • Send trainer
  • Listen trainer (play long form text without a correct/incorrect feedback loop)
  • Ability to create accounts and save settings/stats server side
  • Practice reminders
  • Add word sets for more languages
  • Custom words mode
  • Eyes-free practice mode (speech synthesis + accelerometer driven)
  • Vary audio frequency within a configured range
  • Simulate poor conditions (QRM, QRN, QSB, QLF)
  • Display statistics
  • Achievements (streaks / practice time / etc)

Got an idea or request? Please let us know!

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